Workshop for Non-Fiction, Creative & Blog Writing

Non-Fiction writing Workshop

Sometimes the most fascinating stories are based on real-life incidents. It can be an interesting conversation you had with someone, or a wonderful travel experience or an unforgettable idea. If you are wondering how to put them into words, we can help you tell your story better.

You can learn in small groups according to your convenience. All you need is a passion for writing and an internet connection. Our highly qualified and trained instructors will give you the necessary guidance to pen your thoughts and ideas in an interesting way with the utmost clarity.

You will be given assignments and feedback. You can be a part of discussion forums, and we will be providing you reviews on your work gathered from other writers and experts.

Our instructors have experience working with professional writers. Some of them have even taught in colleges. You can discuss with them. They will give you assignments and deadlines, and feedback. This will help you improve your writing skills throughout the class.

We offer different courses according to your needs. There are classes for budding writers as well as advanced classes for those looking to polish and refine their writing. Our nonfiction writing workshops have flexible timings. We will accept students from all over the world.

Creative Writing Courses & Workshop

Are you passionate about creative writing but confused how and where to start?

We are here to guide you in your journey and help you give wings to you creative imagination. You can choose any type of creating writing project. The idea is to explore as many avenues as possible, gain confidence, spark ideas to life, and experiment with nonfiction and fiction.

The best way to express yourself is through creative writing. Your age or professional background is never a hindrance. You can pour your creative ideas without any fear of judgement.

It can be any story – a short story or a novel. Writing a novel is a long process. There will be 100s of pages to complete and can be challenging to pin all the lose strings and make it intense and engrossing. We can teach you specialized techniques of novel writing if you are ready to take up the challenge.

You can be new to creative writing or you can be putting the finishing touches on your first novel. We’ll show you how to write a book to remember.

Our creative writing courses offer individual attention in all genres of creative writing. We give expert instruction and supportive feedback at all levels.

Blog Writing & Blogging Workshop

Having an online presence is a key to success for any writer. To share your expertise, blogging is an excellent way. But before you start blogging it is essential to build an author platform.

We will teach you how to start a blog. Our blog writing workshop will guide you through the entire blogging process. Apart from teaching you where to start, you will learn how to create and setup a blog and much more. You can also learn how to be a magnet for readers and how to market your writing. We will help you become a successful blogger and get noticed by editors and publishers through a step by step process.

First and foremost, we will help you set up your blog after identifying your audience. In the second session we will help you create content based on your blog. You will learn how to write for the web. In the third session classes will be held on managing your blog. The last and final session will be on audience building, where you will discover ways to drive more traffic to your site.

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