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About Readfingers

Book Publishing

For people who dream of publishing a book, our services have come as a boon. We will make it easy, fast, and free for any writer, anywhere in the world, to publish an e-book. With our professional publishing and distribution tools, we empower you to reach more readers.

To ensure that your work is globally recognized we have a well-qualified team of experienced editors, copywriters, creative design experts, and a marketing team.
All you need to do is send us the sample work or complete work. Explore our various publishing packages and find the one that best suits your requirement.

Book Editing

If you want to make your book stand out you will have to make it as polished as possible. Our editing team will give your book a final polish and provide you with professional, cost-effective services. Before your book goes to press our editors will spot costly errors.
Our editorial team will also focus on improving the technical aspects of your writing: spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, capitalization, and continuity.
Manuscripts sometimes need more than just core services like punctuation or grammar. Our experienced editors will take a close look at your book’s content, including plot, and pace, for stylistic considerations.

Book Design Services

You’ve worked hard to make your book’s content the best it can be, but that is not enough. You need to focus on your book’s appearance as well. Your book’s cover communicates a lot to readers so you should get it right.

Keeping your book’s target audience, unique content and genre in mind our designer will create a cover that successfully represents your book to probable readers. Our design team will work with you, to come up with gripping cover design and reader-friendly page layouts.

Our design specialists will ensure your book’s interior layout is visually pleasing, well organized, and consistent with the highest standards.

Book Printing Services

We can print any number of copies on demand. If you are compiling your book for friends and family or producing your book as a sample for potential customers, we can do fewer copies for the same. We also undertake long-run and short-run colour book printing services.

We also do colour printing and illustrated books with a high amount of photographic content. ReadFingers offers eye-catching high-quality colour or black-and-white books, where reproducing the images to an outstanding standard is vital.

No matter how large or small the order is we will do the printing for you. To enable you to fully exploit every sales opportunity we throw open the possibility of quickly increasing supply to meet demand on surprisingly fast-moving titles. We can give you an estimate before placing the order.

Book Marketing Services & Distribution

Our distribution and marketing services are perfect for small presses and independent authors or anyone who has published their book with the assistance of specialists like printers and designers or alone.

We help you better your book trade and media marketing and can undoubtedly perk up your distribution arrangements.

We offer independently published books an active sales force service and can give you the best possible distribution of books to bookshops as well as online retailers. Hence we can achieve more sales volumes than most self-publishers.

Ghost writing Services

Our ghostwriter will develop material depending on your desired level of involvement and your schedule. Our services are 100% confidential. We’ve flexible and negotiable pricing; it depends on what you choose to include in your package. We can guide you through the entire writing and publishing process and put your words to the page in the best possible manner.

Our Ghostwriting Services include:

Outlining and planning your book
Ghostwriting original content based on interviews or research
Revisions to our writing based on your guidance and feedback
Meticulous editing to make your text error-free
Typesetting and formatting for print-on-demand publication
Literary agent search services
Book cover design

Non-fiction writing workshop

We can help you tell your story better. Our highly qualified and trained instructors will give you the necessary guidance to pen your thoughts and ideas in an interesting way with the utmost clarity.

Creative writing courses/workshop

Our creative writing courses offer individual attention in all genres of creative writing. We give expert instruction and supportive feedback at all levels.

Blog writing workshop

We will teach you how to start a blog. Our blog writing workshop will guide you through the entire blogging process. You will learn how to create and set up a blog and much more. You can also learn how to be a magnet for readers and how to market your writing.
Are you looking for professional Book publishing services or publishers to write and publish your book with us, Book editing services to edit your book, Ghostwriters that offer Ghostwriting services, and translation of Arabic books in English for global audience, or register with our workshop for creative writing courses, Non-fiction writing, Blog writing in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, India, Delhi, Mumbai, do not search further as we cater to all your publishing needs for your next bestseller!

Visit our Submissions page for more details on submissions.

You can review our individual stories, and anyone can submit their work for our reviewers, we publish reviews for books and movies. For more information – Email : or WhatsApp : +91-78660 04500