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Professional Book Design & Formatting Services

We are all familiar with the idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But the reality of the book industry states otherwise. For the vast majority of readers, a deciding factor when it comes to whether or not they should buy a book is based on the cover of a book.

Even if you have worked hard on your book’s content, that is not enough. You need to focus on your book’s appearance as well. Your book’s cover communicates a lot to readers so you should get it right.

The cover does make the first impression when you venture to buy a book. When you browse through a number of volumes what strikes you first is the cover. The cover does make a lot of sense for first-time writers. Hence cover designing makes up a more important aspect. That is why in all publishing companies book cover designing makes an important part of the human resources.

ReadFingers offers unique book cover design services in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha, India, Delhi, Mumbai. You can make any suggestions if you wish and our designers will also come up with ideas. Together we create completely new custom made designs. If the client is providing graphics or images or anything we will incorporate them if they are apt for the book content.

Keeping your book’s target audience, unique content and genre in mind ReadFingers’ designer will create a cover that successfully represents your book to probable readers. ReadFingers’ design team will work with you, to come up with a gripping cover design and reader-friendly page layouts.

Our design specialists will ensure that your book’s interior layout is visually pleasing, well organized, and consistent with the highest standards.

We understand the difference between readers and book browsers and, sometimes, even a bookworm would like to just browse books. Readers have already plenty of stories and only those books that offer something new will be of interest to them. The cover design and the gist of the book on the back work as a trailer to appeal to the book browser and the reader that there is something worth reading inside.

We advise the best options that are viable after understanding and respecting the gist of your book or story. We will ensure that the cover design and content on the cover stand out from the rest of the lot. We also design complete facial and back cover designs.

What appeals to a reader is the right book cover that idealizes the content of the book. To make it easier for the clients to choose from variations of the same design of book covers we offer multiple designing options. You can browse design based on the style, genre, and mood of your book.

To find the perfect book cover our client-specific book designers will work with you from start to finish. The final product will be anything but mundane or bland. Our staff is patient and reliable and will work according to the client’s feedback.

The chosen book cover will be copyrighted under the author’s name and they would have all rights reserved.

Remember, to make its critical first impression on potential buyers your book has just a few seconds. ReadFingers will make it count with an eye-catching cover design.

Our Book printing services at a glance

  • Talk one-on-one with your cover designer
  • A design that aims at your target market
  • Helping your book reach a wider audience by capturing readers’ attention

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