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Professional Book Editing Services – Find Book Editors Online

You’ve worked hard on your latest masterpiece, and you are all set to publish it so that it will reach the audience worldwide. But to sell thousands of copies and receive great reviews, you need an error-free book. And every author strives hard to publish an error-free book.

ReadFingers can give you a helping hand with book editing. Our professional book editing services in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha, India, Delhi & Mumbai will spot costly errors before your book goes to press.
Each day a number of books are getting published. You need to make your book as polished as possible if you want it to stand out from the rest of the lot.

While you focus on being creative, we will do all the heavy lifting. We offer a book editing service that is intended for early drafts of your work that needs a little more work to reach publication standards. To help spot structural issues or weak points we have professional book editors to edit your book. For each and every page you will get critique comments. On top of that, you will be given a short summary critique, too.

They will look at tone, style, sentence structure, and word choice. The elements of fiction or nonfiction, whichever is appropriate to your book, will be evaluated. Our experienced editors will look into dialogue, structure, plot, characterization, sentence clarity and more and will give you helpful suggestions.
We will also look into grammar and spelling mistakes as well as typographical errors, and you will have more freedom to concentrate on the creative process. As a result, you will get a much improved and stronger book.

You can retain complete creative control. Our focus is on delivering an error-free book. We will not make any changes or correction without bringing them to your notice. The final decision is in your hands. The importance of preserving the author’s voice is known to our professional book editors. And they will work accordingly.

ReadFingers’ copy editors offer the following services:

Basic Book Editing

In basic editing, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, inappropriate length of the sentences, punctuation, and jargons will be corrected. The objective of the sentences is not modified. Our editors won’t tamper with the writing style of the author. The simplicity of the sentences is maintained as such. Basic editing involves a word-by-word edit that addresses usage, typography and linguistic errors and consistency issues. Attention is also given to punctuations such as semicolons, commas, quotation marks, etc. After a thorough review to ensure consistent and accurate usage, proofreading is done before publishing.

Comprehensive editing

In comprehensive editing, the editor not only corrects any noticeable errors (spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation), but ambiguities and inconsistencies are also checked and sentences and paragraphs are rewritten accordingly. To ensure that the document makes sense the editor uses his/her expertise so that the text will be more understandable and clear. They will focus on the more intensive structural edit like the finer aspects of language—transition elements, the flow of ideas, style, and tone.

To make sentences tighter and crisper awkward constructions and suggestions will be corrected. And verbosity and redundancy will be fixed without a full rewrite.
The manuscript will be reviewed for key aspects — vocabulary, the narrative, characterization, structure, development, and style.
All these services are included in Readinger’s Book Editing services.

Read Fingers’ editing team will give your book a final polish and provide you with professional, cost-effective services. For more information – Email: or WhatsApp us: +917866004500