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Professional Book Marketing & Distribution Services

To help your book get the attention it deserves Read Fingers offers a wide array of book marketing and distribution services in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha, India, Delhi, Mumbai. We will let literary experts critique it. We will advertise your book in some of the leading print media as well as organise book reading and meet-the-author sessions in various venues.

One of the hardest parts of the publishing process for independent publishers and self-publishers is getting copies of their book into bookshops to sell. Retailers are unwilling and at worst completely disinterested in stocking independently published titles of authors with just one or a few titles.

To ensure that your book is easily available in the market you need good distribution arrangements. Marketing the book to potential readers is also equally important. Only with active marketing, you can persuade a bookshop to stock your book and not another, and a reader to buy your book and not someone else’s.

To make your book easily accessible to readers, libraries and bookstores we will provide you with several publishing options based on these key success factors: your book, budget, goals, time, and marketing resources.

We know that when it comes to books marketing services one-size doesn’t fit all. In determining the type of marketing support you need each of these factors has a role.

For authors who have published via another self-publishing services provider or independently we offer a distribution and sales representation service. To promote your book to readers and bestsellers alike we make use of our widespread media contacts and trade, and also offer a complete media marketing service.

To independent authors and publishers, we offer a range of services tailored to suit individual needs.

We offer a marketing service for independent authors or publishers who are handling their own distribution but need assistance with marketing their book(s).

  • We will make sure that the wholesale, retail, and library trade is fully aware of your book and how to obtain it.
  • We will ensure that reviewers in the print and online media have an opportunity to review your book
  • To use in promoting your book we will supply a range of marketing materials for you
  • We will also try to gain editorial coverage about your book in the media

Our distribution and marketing services are perfect for small presses and independent authors or anyone who has published their book with the assistance of specialists like printers and designers or alone.

We help you better your book trade and media marketing and can undoubtedly perk up your distribution arrangements.

Why choose Read Fingers for Book Distribution & Marketing Services?

Read Fingers is known by the book trade for the quality of its own authors’ books. We have marketed and distributed books to retailers and the media. We have a long-established relationship with library suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. Over the years we have built extensive media contacts through active marketing.

Most companies provide the service of selling books to online retailers or direct to customers without providing a proper distribution service.

We offer independently published books an active sales force service and can give you the best possible distribution of books to bookshops as well as online retailers. Hence we can achieve more sales volumes than most self-publishers.

For more information – Email: or WhatsApp us: +917866004500