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Professional Book Printing Services

At prices, you can afford and the quality you want ReadFingers gives you all the benefits of the print-on-demand model.

We can print any number of copies on demand. If you are compiling your book for friends and family or producing your book as a sample for potential customers, we can do fewer copies for the same.

We also undertake long-run and short-run colour book printing services in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha, India, Delhi, Mumbai.

We also do colour printing and illustrated books with a high amount of photographic content. ReadFingers offers eye-catching high-quality colour or black-and-white books, where reproducing the images to an outstanding standard is vital.

Digital printing allows us to reproduce your photographs, paintings and illustrations to a high specification and produce print runs, which start at 10 copies, on coated as well as uncoated papers. We can produce additional copies according to demand.

You can find the price that offers you the best value for money. We give you the choice of either digital or offset litho printing.

For every type of book on the market, we have extended our print services to include professional book printing. For authors who want to go the self-publishing route, we offer both prints on demand as well as offset book.

The author retains all right to his or her book as a policy on printed books unless a signed distribution deal is agreed upon.

All you need to do is provide PDF files in high resolution and we take care of the rest. We can assist with professionally designed artwork as well if design services are needed for the inside pages or cover.

The look and feel of digitally printed books are very different from what you might anticipate from litho production.  Our digital presses create exceptionally high-quality products, which is almost similar to offset litho printed books. We are more than happy to send samples if you are not sure which technology is the right one for your book. We will leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations of the finished article.

One simple but crucial question that most publishers have to deal with is how many copies they should print. They try to produce as many copies as possible at a time because that is more economical and bring down the printing cost. However, if the copies remain unsold, then the profit margins will erode.

ReadFingers allows you to scale down print runs by utilising the best digital book printing technology. We also offer you all the advantages of the print on demand model without compromising quality or incurring a cost penalty.

No matter how large or small the order is we will do the printing for you. To enable you to fully exploit every sales opportunity we throw open the possibility of quickly increasing supply to meet demand on surprisingly fast-moving titles.

You can request an estimate before placing the order. We have a list of standard book sizes. However, it is flexible and we do not insist on our clients stick to these sizes. Your books can be printed in the most cost effective way if you stick to standard sizes.

We offer a professional book printing service from start to finish.

For more information – Email: or WhatsApp us: +917866004500