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FAQs - Readfingers

Read Fingers ensures that your stories are published quickly and reach a wide readership online. We have a well-qualified team of experienced editors, copywriters, creative design experts, and a marketing team to ensure that your work is globally recognized.

Read Fingers works on a very simple guideline – we want a good story. Narrate a heart-wrenching tale, a sarcastic one, or simply a love story – we accept them all. Really, tell us a classic story or push us towards the future or give the present a new look – we welcome them all. But do bear in mind that the work you submit is yours, as in it is original, and is previously unpublished elsewhere.

Read Fingers does not put limits on creativity and imagination. Send us your stories or ideas and we will see about taking it to the widest readership possible. Use our Voice your story section for other genres.

Human beings have narrated stories since time immemorial. However, times are changing. Today, more and more readers are turning towards e-readers, as these are convenient and cost-effective. Therefore, the digital market provides a vast scope to write and publish more and unique content, all the time. Our basic formula is to connect the readers and authors of this new era.

Yes, it will be edited by our excellent team of editors who will ensure that justice is done to your work and a strong foothold is created for you in the market.

Yes, but please let us know while making the submission that the story or manuscript has been submitted elsewhere too. In case your story is selected for publication while it is under consideration with us, please let us know.

Send us the sample work or complete work. Include your phone number and other contact details and email it to
Ensure that your submission is readable and if it has been published somewhere else, send us that details too.