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Do Tigers drink blood? and 13 other mysteries of nature

written by Arefa Tehsin & Raza H. Tehsin


Reviewed by Yawar khan

I was busy browsing through books when received a package for a book review. I looked inside the package and found this book named Do tigers drink blood? And 13 other mysteries of nature written by Arefa Tehsin and Raza H. Tehsin. Being a wildlife lover, the title intrigued me and within no time I started reading the book.

The book addresses different mysteries related to wildlife, which we often hear from childhood days. The content is written in a simple and interesting format for kids. But even an adult can easily get hooked up to the book. Being a wildlife lover, I always used to wonder from where the phrase  “Crocodile Tears” originated. Fortunately, this book solved the mystery. Not only this, there are many other mysteries, which are answered in the book. The summer vacations are on, today’s kids are hooked to video games and television sets, books like these should be given to kids so that their interest increases in wildlife. The narrative is in story form and sprinkled with humour. This style of writing not only breaks the monotony but makes it for light reading. What I definitely liked about the book is, that whenever it picks up any topic related to a particular animal, the author explains all about that animal, its habitat, its habit and how is it endangered? In a way, it also shows, the carelessness of human beings towards animal species and thanks to us, many species are extinct or close to extinction.

Few of the other concepts, which are tried to explain in this book are: Is the rhino’s horn fake? Why is a butcher bird named so? Why do fireflies glow? Why does the sloth bear hug? (Oh yes, this further solves the mystery behind bear hug phrase).Who has the most unusual nest of all? And the list goes on.

It is for all age kids, but kinds in the age group of 5-12 years, will definitely enjoy reading it. This book will not only increase their knowledge but will also help in generating interest in wildlife. Since Arefa Tehsin father is a well-known naturalist, they have a series of book written on the wildlife.


Why will I recommend this book:

  • Easy language along with the interesting narrative.
  • Good learning for the children.
  • If you are a wildlife lover, this book is a good read for you, it will clear many of the myths surrounding wildlife.
  • Difficult concepts explained in easy language.




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